Twin Rivers Group

Twin Rivers Group LLC is a business development firm dedicated to helping emerging business opportunities realize their full potential. As a private advisory firm, Twin Rivers Group provides an array of services ranging from management consulting to facilitating capital raising. The principals of Twin Rivers Group have industry experience in such diversified fields as healthcare, oil & gas, renewable energy, insurance, finance, real estate development, as well as promotion and manufacture of proprietary brands of healthy foods and beverages, among other things.

Our expertise is to review Project opportunities for our Clients and our Capital Groups then confidently attempt to direct a successful Relationship between the parties and then create and structure a Merger, Acquisition, Partnership or Loan formation.

Our team is a leading financier in a highly specialized area of corporate finance known as Monetization Financing.  Our unmatched ability to tap deep reservoirs of institutional capital enables us to monetize transactions for our clients efficiently, effectively and inexpensively.

Simply stated we offer the best financing package available to small and medium sized companies - low interest rates, require no equity, board seats, covenants, or oversight and done in a quick and efficient manner.


Our institutional capital comes from an experienced and committed group of major universities, foundations, pensions, financial institutions and families.  In addition to their principal role as investors in the funds, many of our limited partners are in a position to provide important business relationships to our portfolio companies.


Twin Rivers Group is specifically positioned to protect investment with small,medium and large size businesses.  We nurture the entire process.  Our mission is to provide the due diligence that the endeavor requires.  We assimilate all the market, feasibility, financial and background material.  Our process is tailored to fit each investor or group to refine what they require to make the best investment decision.  We can even provide the management oversight on an ongoing basis.  You could really hedge your bet and minimize your risk, by engaging our comprehensive and integrated consulting firm to insure the greatest chance of success and the strongest return on your investment.


Acquisitions / Development   Resorts / Attractions / Casinos

Consumer Goods

Food& Beverage / Manufacturing Distribution / Franchising Licensing / Restaurants Technology


Oil & Gas / Green Energy Technology Development     Waste to Energy / Renewable Energy

Real Estate

Acquisitions / Development Luxury Homes / Shopping Centers / Office Buildings    Senior Housing


Sports & Media / Production Financing

Commodities & Resources

Gold & Silver / Diamnonds